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ilingual Spanish short story for Beginners with English

Viaje a Inglaterra
Serie: Los viajes de Marta
Edición:eBook (English)
Páginas: 86

Marta embarks on a journey to England with the intention of spending a week with her significant other and getting to know his family. However, unexpected events cause her to feel trapped. Can she establish a connection with her partner and his relatives and advance their relationship to the next stage? Discover the answer while simultaneously improving your Spanish skills!

Extracto del libro:

Marta travels to England to spend a week with her boyfriend and meet his family. But when things don't go to plan, she feels stuck. Will she be able to connect with him and his family, and take the relationship to the next level? Find out and learn Spanish along the way!

Viaje a Inglaterra is a fun, bilingual graded reader for Spanish beginners written almost exclusively in the present tense. It is designed to help you to pick up Spanish vocabulary and grammar and also enjoy your story. The language is easy and accessible, the story is engaging and it will keep you wanting to turn the pages.

Viaje a Inglaterra is split into five chapters and a short epilogue. Each chapter has the following parts:

  • A vocabulary section.
  • The story, which is split into three separate scenes per chapter. The three-scene layout will help you pace your reading. Key words will be marked in bold and will appear in the vocabulary section.
  • A section with questions on the story, in English, to test your reading comprehension.
  • The English translation of each chapter.

Viaje a Inglaterra is the second book in Los viajes de Marta series. It is mapped to a CERF A2 level and is ideal for higher beginners.


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