Blade Runner

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Blade Runner
Ediciones:eBook (English)
ISBN: 0943128013
Páginas: 98

The script of "Blade Runner" has gone through several years of creation and entertainment. Hampton Fancher wrote the first draft in 1978. It was 1980, when Ridley Scott signed the photo, and he wanted the film to have a different flavor. After some hard work, Fancher reached the point where he said he would never change. Scott immediately hired David Peoples to make further changes. During the shooting process, more changes were made due to budget constraints and normal shooting changes. Then there are the director’s changes and the actor’s suggestions. The writer must make some changes to the script, and Peoples is no longer available, so Fancher is back. In the original version, the film was written by Roland Kibbee, and the narration was the voice of the film. The final shooting script was assembled from previous versions of sceenplay, and then changed during the shooting process.

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