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Blade Runner Script Collection
Serie: Blade Runner
ISBN: 0943128013
Páginas: 188

The Blade Runner script has gone through several years of creation and entertainment. Do you think there are more than ten versions of this script?

Publicado en:
Autor: AAVV, David Peoples, Hampton Fancher
Géneros: Ciencia ficción, Fantasía
Etiquetas: Inglés, Público adulto
Extracto del libro:

Hampton Fancher wrote a first draft in 1978 called as the book is based on, Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. On 1979 he re-writes it and changes its titles to Android, then Mechanismo and Dangerous Days.

Fancher finishes a screenplay draft on January 7th of 1980. Ridley Scott was signed up to the picture on 1980 and wanted a different flavour to the film and Fancher finishes a draft on July 1980 after months of work.

David Peoples is hired on November to make further changes on the script and finishes three more drafts on December 1980. Another draft is finished on February 1981. During filming, a few script changes had to be made by a writer and Peoples was no longer available, so Fancher came back to do those.

Here are compiled three of those script versions

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